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Limited Warranty

Most parts are warranted by Anderson Electronics or our manufacturers. Temperature sensors usually from 30 days from date of purchase, electronics usually for 90 days from the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise. All products are warrantied against manufacturers' defects and workmanship only. All products are not warranted for wear or breakage under any circumstance.

What Voids the Warranty?

After inspection, any part which, in our opinion, shows evidence of being used or installed contrary to manufacturer's instructions, and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging, or shipping by the customer will not be eligible for exchange, refund, or warranty consideration. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse any exceptions. What’s not covered: (1) normal wear and tear (2) accident, disaster or event of force majeure (3) abuse, neglect, misuse, fault or negligence of or by Buyer (4) use of the Products in a manner for which they were not designed (5) causes external to the Products such as, but not limited to, power failure or electrical power surges (6) improper storage and handling of the Products (7) use of the Products in combination with equipment or software not supplied by Seller (8) ordinary maintenance (9) alterations, repairs or installations that have not been performed by Seller or its authorized representative (10) failure to maintain Products in accordance with Seller’s written instructions.

How warranty service is obtained:

Warranty service may be obtained by contacting Anderson Electronics. Please provide unit type or part number, serial number(s) and or date code(s) along with the description of the problem(s) being experienced. In the event that the unit(s) or product(s) must be returned for evaluation and/or repair or replacement. Anderson Electronics will provide an Return Material Authorization (RMA) number along with return address and instructions on how to return. In the event that the unit(s) or product(s) are returned and are determined to have no defect, or if any misuse, misapplication, abuse, accident, non-Anderson Electronics alteration, modification, upgrade or improper return shipping, packaging or shipping damage have taken place, Anderson Electronics reserves the right to apply an Evaluation Charge per unit which will be billed to the customer.

Repair or replacement is your only warranty:

Your only remedy under this warranty is repair or replacement of unit(s) or product(s) as described above. Anderson Electronics will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from use or inability to use unit(s) or product(s) supplied. Anderson Electronics expressly disclaims any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and no other warranty is specified or implied. If you have any questions regarding warranty issues please contact our sales department at 248-301-9926 or complete the Contact Webform and we will be happy to assist you.


Cancellations (pre-shipment):

Orders may be cancelled or rescheduled by written notice to Anderson, if such notice is provided in advance of product delivery date. The determined unit price for cancellations will be based on the amount of work in process, raw materials used, tooling expenditures, engineering costs, and other cancellation charges incurred by Anderson Electronics,  plus handling and overhead costs. All cancellation charges will be determined at time of cancellation.

Cancellations (post-shipment):

Orders placed by Buyer with Anderson Electronics may not be canceled after shipment except upon Anderson Electronics' written consent, and subject to Buyer’s acceptance of Anderson Electronics' cancellation and/or restocking charges that shall protect Anderson Electronics against costs and expenses associated with such cancellation. Anderson Electronics reserves the right to cancel any sale hereunder without liability to Buyer (except for refund of monies already paid) if the manufacture or sale of the subject Products is or becomes technically or economically impractical or if the manufacturer ceases to manufacture the Product for any other reason. No Product may be returned except under warranty and with the prior written approval of Anderson Electronics as evidenced by a Return Materials Authorization (RMA).


Goods are not to be returned to Anderson Electronics without our authorization by prior agreement (RMA#). When the return of goods is thus authorized, transportation charges are to be prepaid. Anderson Electronics will not be responsible for any goods shipped to us without such prior authorization. New, unused items in original packaging are returnable only within the first 30 days. When the returned goods have been received and inspected by Anderson Electronics, proper credit will be issued. Returned goods must be packaged properly to insure no damage in return transit. Minimum restocking charge is 25%. Quotes stipulated as “NCNR” are deemed non-returnable and non-refundable.


All orders ship from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA unless specified otherwise.

Shipping Dates:

All shipping dates are approximate only, Anderson Electronics will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any delay in delivery or failure to deliver which is due to any cause beyond HGSI’s reasonable control. In the event of a delay due to any cause beyond Anderson Electronics' reasonable control, Anderson Electronics reserves the right to terminate the order or to reschedule the shipment within a reasonable period of time, and Buyer will not be entitled to refuse delivery or otherwise be relieved of any obligations as the result of such delay. Products as to which delivery is delayed due to any cause within Buyer’s control may be placed in storage by Anderson Electronics at Buyer’s risk and expense and for Buyer’s account.


For the protection of our Customers, all shipments will be insured at the full invoiced price. Insurance costs prepaid by Anderson Electronics will be invoiced to and paid by the Customer. If we are shipping using the Customer's account we will choose that the shipment be insured by the Shipping Carrier. If you choose not to have your shipment insured this decision is made at your own risk. Please inform us in writing directing us not to insure the shipment and also include a statement that Anderson Electronics will not be liable for any loss, damage, or shortage due to damage in transit. Choosing not to insure the shipment will not affect the Customer's liability to pay the full invoice price to Anderson Electronics.

Lost, Shortage, or Damage:

All of our products are sold F.O.B., Bloomfield Hills, MI USA. In case of loss, damage, or shortage due to damage in transit; the customer should immediately notify both the carrier and Anderson Electronics, and promptly file a claim with the carrier. Any delay may result in a loss to the customer. Our responsibility for delivery of goods ends when we have consigned material to the carrier. Any shipment lost, damaged or is short upon receipt must be reported within 30 Days to Anderson Electronics.

APO / FPO Shipping:

We ship to APO or FPO military addresses. All APO/FPO orders will be shipped via Standard Shipping anywhere in the U.S. without minimum purchase. Express Shipping options are currently not available for APO/FPO addresses. Please include in your APO or FPO shipping information:

Grade/Rank/Rating and full name including middle initial.
Unit and Unit number, Consolidated Mail Room Number, PSC Number, or Ship.
Enter APO or FPO as appropriate.
State: AA, AE, AP, or FP.
Country: United States.

Shipping to an address different from your billing address:

If you choose to ship to an address different from your credit card billing address, we may contact you to confirm your shipping and billing addresses to prevent possible fraudulent use of your credit card.

Undelivered Package:

If the address you provided us is undeliverable, we may contact you to verify your address for reshipment. However, you are responsible for the shipping charges, any duties, taxes and/or customs charges that are incurred on the package for both the original and the re-delivered shipment.

Sales Tax (United States, non-Michigan customers):

Please be advised that at this time Anderson Electronics does not have nexus for sales and use tax purposes in your state. Please consult with your tax advisor on the taxability of this purchase for use tax purposes, as you may be required to self-assess, report, and remit use tax on this transaction.

Sales Tax, Duties, or Tariffs (International customers):

Please be advised that HGSI does not collect or pay sales tax, duties, or tariffs on behalf of International customers. Customers are responsible for payment of sales tax, duties, or tariffs once the items arrive in their country. Please consult with your tax advisor or local Customs on the taxability of this purchase for use tax purposes, as you may be required to self-assess, report, and remit use tax on this transaction.

Tracking an order:

Tracking your order is fast, easy and can be done online. Tracking information will be available once your order has been shipped. To track an order, visit the appropriate shippers web site and input tracking codes.

Most items stocked for fast delivery to ship within 24 hours.Non-stocked or back ordered items usually ship within 2 to 3 weeks ARO.F.O.B. Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

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